Binary Options Trading Copper Guide

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Binary Options Trading Copper

Since ancient time Copper was used for construction and metal craft. these days Copper is an important ingredient in the creation of electrical appliances, circuitry and construction. Copper doesn’t corrode easily, and that is why its on a high demand in many industries such as building construction and electronics. further more, it has excellent conductivity and heat preservation feature which makes it the preferred metal in the electronics, wiring industries and many others. Copper value also seems hard to predict due to many factors that influence its value, it can explain that in the  binary options trading copper is a less popular commodity 

Factors that influence Binary Options Trading Copper

 binary options trading copper 
Copper is traded daily, mainly in new York’s Mercantile Exchange and in London’s Metal Exchange Market that deal with all kind of metals. Copper is valued in USD, and the units are 25 ton chunk of Copper.The price that is presented on the binary options systems reefers to the value in USD for a 25 ton chunk of copper.
Copper trading is one of the less popular Commodities, one of the main reasons for that is the irrational level of demand for copper around the world. Traders find it hard to analyse the demand for the metal, and very few are able  build a binary options signals map that anticipates weather the price of Copper will go Up or Down. Further more; the price of copper is very volatile,  value could go Up and Sharply go Down in a matter of minutes and even less, traders find it hard to explain this sharp volatility. Binary Option trade of Copper is described by experts as a very irrational. Many say that the Copper trade contradicts basic rules of economics like price tag based on supply and demand. For instance there might be a short supply of Copper and a high demand for the metal, and yet the price will go down.
High or low production of circuit boards, the construction of germ sensitive environments (Copper is classified as an antimicrobial materiel), computer main boards and other appliances are clear indicators of weather the price will go Up or Down, also the scale  production of Microwave ovens and the production of wiring for the telephony and networking industries  also influence the price of Copper.Binary option traders use these parameters as binary signals for their options trade.

However experience over time  made it possible to anticipate the price of Copper, based on factors and binary options signals which influence the price of copper trading. Binary options strategies that claim to anticipate the future of Copper are based on specific not general demand levels .  Learn more about How to trade commodities and copper here.


Learn more about other comodities that are traded in the binary market, such as binary options trading Coffee and understand how lack of political stabillity and other factors, influence its price.

Binary Options Trading Oil

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Crude oil is another very popular trad-able commodity in the binary options trading market. Modern life is heavily dependent on oil as a main source of energy. Oil is used for any means of transport such as vehicles air crafts and also electrical power plants. Many plastic products and Kerosene oil are all products made out of oil. During the last 15 years, there has been a breakthrough in the development of a substitute for oil, but in the near future it doesn’t seem to be enough to replace oil as an energy source for engines.Common fractions of crude oil are:petrol, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, butane and alkenes which is used in the plastic industry. There are traders who are specialist in the binary options trading oil business, these traders only deal with the crude oil and nothing else. These experts make a fortune in that small niche in the binary options trade.



transportation is one of the most important elements that influences the price of oil. The price of oil transport is known to be unstable, transport price is integrated with the price of oil, this is probably the most significant variable that has to be considered in the binary options signal map, because transportation has an immediate effect on the price. Needless to say, the price of oil as the main energy creator has a profound effect on the price of services and products world wide. Needless to say, transportation has a significant influence on the binary options trading oil market.

Factors that influence the binary options trading oil market

Geopolitical/Political  turmoil at  major oil producers tends to have an immediate  effect on the price of oil, especially when it comes to members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. OPEK is a good example of oil producing countries that created an organisation that regulates oil policies and stabilize the production of oil. Russia and Norway and Canada are also top oil producing countries , any political unrest in OPEK members countries and  the other countries mentioned previously will have a significant effect on the price of oil.

In General the price of oil is considered to be more or less stable, the production and the demand is growing but the demand is stable and predictable. Usually the lack of stability in the price of oil as a result of lack of political stability/tensions in one or more of the  oil producing countries, extreme weather conditions are all binary options signals that should be considered . Lately the price of oil was very much influenced with the latest conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


Weather is also a Binary Signal that needs to be considered when trying to predict the price of oil. Harsh weather conditions like an extremely Cold winter, increase the demand for heating oil. Extremely worm conditions with hot summers, and the non stop use of air conditioning in houses,offices and cars, has an effect  on the demand for oil, high demand is translated to a binary signal that should be considered in the binary options trading market.

Relaying on the data mentioned previously is not enough in order to trade crude oil in the binary options trading market. Binary traders usually relay on specific factors that are influenced from the factors mentioned previously.

Here are the main Signals that influence the Binary Options Trading Oil Market

  • Opek and Russia’s production reports
  • Oil inventories in the major oil consuming countries
  • Natural disasters reports in the oil producing countries
  • Geographical instability in oil producing countries   (countries in the Middle East are considered to be unstable)
  • Economic information about oil consuming countries the have a significant affect on the price of oil  (when the economy shrinks, there is lesser demand for oil because there are less machines,vehicles involved in production of good and services)


Expert Binary options traders that can accurately read the binary options signals map are practicing  a binary options strategy that enables them to make a big fortune from the binary options trade. Usually their strategy is to buy Call Options when the price of oil is very low, and on the other hand binary traders predict that the  demand for oil will  be high. On the other hand Binary Traders may buy Put Options when the price of oil is high and traders predict that the demand for oil will drop. Another thing to consider is also to know when the option should expire. Prediction could be right for a given amount of time, and if the prediction of time is not calculated correctly, a trader might lose money.









Binary Options Trading Coffee Guide

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Binary Options Trading Coffee

Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, Coffee is  actually seeds from the coffee plant. more then 70 countries cultivate coffee beans, mainly in Africa, South America and south east Asia. Ethiopians drank coffee for hundreds of years, Eventually  it was introduced to the Europeans during the 17 Th century.Coffee is consumed around the world and is a necessity drink for Billions of people all around the globe with a growing demand over the years.Coffee is also a binary options trading commodity, and the coffee trade is supported by many binary options platforms.Discover binary options trading coffee and learn about signals that influence this market.















One of the main characteristics of The binary trade of coffee is hard demand by consumers which rarely changes all year long. what influences the price/demand for coffee are usually weather conditions like droughts in areas that grow coffee, political turmoil in unstable countries that supply coffee. trading signals are hard to analyse and many times  factors that influence the supply  of coffee are unknown.


Only a small number of professional binary options trade experts are able to analyses global trends and create a reliable binary options signals map. Trading experts adopt a binary options strategy that is based on buying Coffee options when the price of coffee drops to a certain level, the price drop usually happens when the coffee that is harvested is beyond the “hard” worldly  demand for the coffee beans. In such a situation, the coffee price drops but expert binary traders know that on a given amount of time the price will go up once again. 

You might also be intrested in reading another post about binary options trading Copper, it explains the unique freatures of that binary trading comodity, and why it is a less populair comodity among traders.



Binary Options Trading Silver Guide

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Binary Options Trading Silver

Binary options trading silver is considered to be a very popular commodity in the binary options trade. It has been a means of payment for hundreds of years, China preferred to be paid in  silver upon gold  during the 17 Th and 18 Th century. Silver is a commodity that is accepted as a legitimate world wide means of payment for goods, just like gold.More then 51% of silver is mined in Mexico,Peru and China. Political unrest in one of these 3 contrues will have impact on the price of silver, due to the large concentration of silver in these countries. The major countries that consumes silver are The United States, China India and Japan. Each one of these countries use silver for a different purpose, which will be explained later on.

binary options trading silver











Binary Options Trading Silver Factors And signals

Silver unlike other commodities  has a dual demand, which makes binary options trade a little more complicated to predict if the price  of silver will go up or down in a given time. Due to Silver’s unique chemical properties, it is a key ingredient in the electronic industries such as the creation of computers, mobile devices and many other electric products. Silver is also used in the electro mechinical industries,electric engendering industry, aerospace industry, solar industry,soldering and the automotive industry. This industrial demand creates a very complicated binary options signals map which is unique to silver. Further more, silver is used for the jewelry and silverware industries. Any change in one of those industries for better or worse has an immediate influence on the demand for silver, the demand has an immediate effect on it’s price.

On the other hand, silver is a precious metal, it is bought in order to save the value of money, mainly in times of political and economic turmoil. In general silver is considered a good investment for the future, and ironically the demand for silver decrease during times of economic boom, when the industry is growing. The main reason is due to the fact that there are much more investment opportunists and ways to make money.

You may also be interested in reading the binary options trading guide for gold, that explains about another popular precious metal, with similar features. For further reading, click here about trading commodities in general




Binary Options Trading Gold Guide

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Binary Options Trading Gold

In general, binary options trading gold is considered one of the safest investments . In times of global and local economics unrest, the demand for gold sky rockets and as a result its value also increases. These day’s people can buy physical gold through the internet without having to take the gold back home for safe keeping. This metal is also known by the name hard currency, which means that it is widely accepted around the world and is also relatively stable.

binary options trading gold

Investment in gold is considered a secure form of investment on the long run and the purpose of this kind of  investment is the preserve the value of money without taking any financial risks or minimal risk to be precise. However when trading gold on the Binary Options trading system, things are a little different.

The most important thing to remember is that a Trader isn’t buying any Gold he actually buys an option a trend (Up or Down trend), of weather the Gold will increase or decrease it’s value, in order to win a trade with the Binary Options trading, the  investor must forecast the future trend of gold in a given time(the time that the options expires).

Further more when trading  Gold, Silver and some other goods there is no other asset involved, in other words this is a single asset trade and it should only be determined if the asset will go Up or Down with regard to the strike rate. It also differs from binary options that that trade currencies. The difference is that there are two assets involved, a trader must determine if one of the currencies is going to increase or decrease its value compared to the other currency involved in that trade.

If you are interested in trading gold,currencies and other metals with binary options, try the  OptionBit  platform,  its a reliable well established trading system that you just might want to try. Click her to sign in, and best of luck with your trade.

Binary Options Trading

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Binary Options Trading

Range Options High and Low


Most beginner traders usually skip this trading instrument which is considered a complicated trading tool, however that is not the the case.When using the Range options there are two elements that need to be considered, both the Upper and a lower Target Price/range, many define it as the boundary range, because in order to stay in the money when the option expires; the Binary Option shouldn’t be bellow the striking price and higher then a predefined upper line. It means that a The Binary Trader should not only predict whether an asset will go up for instance, trader  should also predict the assets max value. in other words the prediction that the Asset will go up is no t enough in order to stay in the money, binary options trading requires more understanding


In this example a trader predicts that the Asset is on a Up trend  (the bottom line represents his strike point) the upper red line represents the max value (a predefined Max value limit )  of the asset. If the Asset goes above the upper red line,the trader will not be within the money.In other words he should be between the strike point and predefined upper red line.

binary options trading

Learn more about binary options on this binary options guide.

Tradorex is a very interesting  binary options broker. They are regulated with many assets and an a team of exceptional experts that enables U.S traders to open an account on their trading platform.  Click the link above to read our review and video.

Binary Options Guide – Choosing the Right Broker

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Binary Options Guide – Choosing the Right Broker


Most of the articles I have written on this blog are dedicated to those who want to trade Binary Options safely and make an extra income that we all strive for. Opportunities are always there, we just need to keep ourselves open minded to what surrounds us. Caution is a thing that is very important while trading, and minimizing the lose is essential when you first start Binary trading. This Binary Options Guide, is intended to give you some guide lines, and whet to look for when choosing a trading broker.

Over the past year I received many “thank you” letters from people who adopted my advice and gradually started making money online. I regard this as a big success of main with helping others achieving their goals.


A couple of days ago I received a call from an old friend of main that opened an account on a binary platform that he thinks puts into practice, all those things I was talking about extensively with regard to risk management. He let me use his account and observe all the new and unique features that this Binary platform is offering.

One of the most appealing feature I noticed is the ability to make 10 USD trades while most trading platforms only allow a minimum of 25 USD, A beginner may want to test his strategies without risking a significant amount of money. Most beginners would first like to have a taste of the Binary Options market in shallow waters and later on go deeper and deeper in to that world of binary trading opportunities, OptionBit is offering just that, which I fund to be a unique feature that rarely could be found in other trading platforms.

Another important attribute I fund very interesting is the Dynamic Payout feature that provides traders with the possibility to change their payout (return) according to offered loss ratios prior to initializing a trade. The trader is able to create a different perfect combination of possible return/loss on every single trade. All combinations are pre-defined and pre-calculated. There is one standard ratio and four additional combinations the trader can choose from. The main principle is that the distance between the levels in each combination is set at 5%. The possible return on loss levels are: 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%.

This new feature is available only on Digital Options trading and is designed to provide traders with a better understanding of the risks they take and the possible return they can get for taking such risks. Other trading platforms do not enable a trader to change their win/loss ratio and it is usually fixed to 0 return if a trader losses.

OptionBit is also offering its traders three effective instruments in risk management:

First – It provides the possibility to prolong the expiration time of the option. This feature enables a trader to delay the options expiration time if the trader sees that his predication becomes successful on a longer time frame. this flexibility enables the trader to turn a losing trade into a big profit due to that feature which is very important when trading with binary options.

Second – provides the possibility to sell the option before it expires. In many cases when a trade is not going they way you predicted, it is possible to sell the option in some lose, instead of losing all the money that was initially invested on the option.

Third – provides a possibility to duplicate a profitable deal – therefore doubling your income. When a trade is successful and the options is going along with your prediction, it is possible to buy the same winning option as many times as you want in real time. This is really a cash making machine ! an investor can double or triple and even more in a couple of minutes, there is now way to describe the over joy in such a trade.

In audition, OptionBit provides you with the best trading tools: the elaborate trading e-Book (that offers an array of information on trading tactics and other information), in-house economic calendar, their enhanced educational program and so much more. Moreover, OptionBits’ team of professionals are always there to respond to your needs on a personal basis.

If you are new or even an experinced trader, this platform is ideal for all traders. I do recommend trying this safe and well established platform.
Financial Services Directory UK – List of financial service providers in the UK

How to make money with Binary Options

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One regrettable fact about Binary Options is that most traders who enter this form of investment do not make any money. The main reason for that is the fact that people tend to guess the outcome of trades according to limited or no knowledge at all. Most early investors usually leave this form of trading after losing a considerable amount of money.

Very often sales representatives and Binary Brokers are only interested in people opening an account on their platform, with no regard to their new investor. Some binary brokers are only interested that people invest more an more money, with zero or no regard to results.
Unfortunately this form of trade has no grey zones, either you win or you lose, and statistically with no knowledge you will probably lose money on the short and on the long run.

When I started trading with binary options at first, I came with basic knowledge about binary options and I lost quite a lot of money. I realized that I need some kind of guidance if I wanted to continue to invest in this form of trade, otherwise I will be broke very quickly.

In order to really understand binary options a trader needs an extensive knowledge about economics and Forex marketing. Unfortunately to most of us there is no such options because we have to deal with our day to day activities with our family and children, which makes it quite difficult if not impossible to devote our self’s to learning the trade and become professionals.

Luckily we do not need to study economics and commit our self’s to really understand Forex trading and binary options. About two years after binary options trading was introduced to the general public, some auto trading robots started to pop up. Unfortunately those robots were not accurate to say the least.

I admit that I jumped on every auto trading system that popped up like mushrooms after the rain, I knew that there is money to be made with of binary options, so I didn’t give up and you should also. I believe that giving up even before trying is some one who is a loser, those who try and lose are winners, because at least they took a chance to make a change, and I also believe that those who try endlessly will eventually succeed after many slaps in the face so to say.

This web site is dedicated for these who want to make a change in their life, a change that is possible if you just give it a chance. I have registered to about 5 auto robots in the past, and lost quite a lot of money, until I was introduced to the ABS system. Finally I started to earn money an extra income that we all need in due to growing day to day expenses .

I am adding my affiliated link to this post, and let me be completely honest that I do earn a commission from referring people to this product which I think is going to be a game changer for you. enough talkin, press here and register to the ABS system with a money back guarantee for 60 days.

Best Brokers List

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  • Porter


There are five types of Binary Options that all agree upon. Some may argue that there are more Binary Options types but basically there is a conscientious about the following five. I truly Believe that these are the main building stones for any Binary Options Guide. Not all five of the Binary Options are supported on all Binary Platforms and you may find many variations to the basic types.For those of you who wish to Trade  Options, this information might be very useful specifically for beginners who wish to get them self acquainted with terms used on the Binary Trade.


Cash or nothing

A trader speculates if an Asset will increase or decrease it’s value on a limited amount of time. Usually the reference point is the time that the trading begins, but there are many platforms that are flexible by enabling  to define a different  reference point. On this type of Binary Trade, a fixed amount of money is given when the speculation is correct. The amount given is not related to how sharply the Asset Increased or decreased its value.

For further reading about binary options trading strategies, please visit this post


Asset or nothing

Same as Cash or nothing,the major
difference is that there is no reference point. Further more, the amount of cash earned is based on how sharply the Asset has changed it’s value, during The Binary Option’s life time. 
If you want to start binary trading, read this beginners binary options

one-touch-options-binary-options-guideOne touch Binary Option

A trader is payed a redefined amount of money for an Asset, only if the Asset  reaches a predefined value with in the Binary Options life time. When the asset reaches that predefined point, the Trader gets payed with no regard for the time left for the option to expire.Usually the leverage on these kind of options is very high. In most cases a trader can triple or quadruple the initial money invested on such option. On the other hand if  the option does not reach that predefined point within the options life  time, the trader loses all the money he   invested.

If you want to learn more about one touch trading, you might be interested in the 24 options tutorials and guides. they have a fantastic hands on guide from the most experienced binary traders.      You may also find other tutorials and guides that will guide you to become a successful trader.

For further in site reading about how to make money with binary options, please read this binary options guide that describes what to be aware of, and learn from other peoples mistakes, and truly turn this binary trade into a second income

Boundary Bets

The trader gets payed if the Asset is predefined conditions
during the Binary Option life time.Usually the condition are
high value rate  and law value for the Asset. 
If during the options life time, the Asset does not touch any of them, the Trader gets payed. Otherwise the Trader loses his initial investment.Learn more about binary options trading guide robots, to become a successful binary trader.

Stop Bets

A Trader gets payed, if during the options life time,  the Asset has changed it’s value. A trade may speculate  weather an Asset will increase or decrease  it’s value. these are the regular most recognized options  If you want to Start trading with Binary Options,
try doing it safely with a reliable Binary Options Guide.



Forex Forum
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Tradbinary options strategy tradorexorax is one of the well-established brokers founded in 2013 by a group of professionals with more than decade experience in the financial market. The broker excels with an easy to use and intuitive platform. Some of the features include various tools designed to improve your trading experience, a high ROI which can reach up to 85% and a comprehensive educational center. Tradorax’s asset variety includes over 150 assets divided among 4 groups – stocks, indices, currency pairs and commodities. The broker is suitable for both inexperienced and advanced traders, further reading.
24option-broker-review24option is one of the pioneers in the binary options trade.Their payout is the highest on the binary market for even a standard account (88% return rate) . For those who trade on the move, 24option offer a trading environment that enables traders to commit all their trades  with security and simplicity, just like on a desktop. They cover almost all the markets and offer all binary trading types, Further more a trader can place traders for as low as 24 USD and as high as 100,000 USD per trade. This flexibility enables traders to maximize their profits, and gives them more tools to take full benefit of market opertunities,  Read more
binary-tilt-broker-reviewBinaryTilt is a new binary options broker that provides a comprehensive trading package for binary options traders. BinaryTilt is a regulated broker which offers its clients a state-of-the-art trading platform that is professional, uncomplicated and pleasing to use.Read more
PorterFinance-broker-review Porter Finance is a London-based binary options broker founded in 2014. they have excellent features and are already establishing a sterling reputation. They have  A wide variety of different trades,  some of the m are unique to this trading platform. They also have a wealth of learning materials DB, which they managed to collect in a short time period. another feature of this trading platform is a beautifully designed website, with a user friendly trading  platform. They managed to gain a very respectful and a reliable reputation in a very short time period.Read more
optionbit-binary-broker-reviewA leader in Binary Options trading, OptionBit provides both beginners and professionals with a superior online trading experience as well as state-of-the-art trading tools and services. No previous financial experience is required to become an online trader.Read more
copyop-social-trading-broker-reviewLaunched in January 2015, copyop was the first social binary options trading network. It is operated by the same company who operate anyoption, the world’s largest binary options trading website. Read more
ivory-option-broker-reviewIvory Option entered the market with a new and simplified take on Binary Option trading, Ivory Option’s unique platform offers the highest payouts along with a signals and strategy package in a simple and easy to use manner.Read more
trade-thunder-broker-reviewLast review update: 5th September 2015 TradeThunder is the first broker to install the new Leverate BX8 Platform. They have many advantages over most brokers.  The platform is simple to… more


Binary Options Guide – Long And Short Term Strategy

November 9th, 2014 80 comments

Most individuals who start to trade with Binary Options, are usually involved with short term Binary  options that usually expire after a day or a few hours. However when a Forex Binary Options trader becomes more experienced he uses a long Term Binary Options Strategies, that expire after a couple of days or a weeks time. On the long terms, Binary Options Signals becomes more visible and Forex market tendencies are becoming more obvious . Usually a Forex Trader start investing on Short term options along with long Terms Binary Options.

Long Term options expire at a weeks time maximum, however these type of Binary Options could  expire after four or five days also. Short Term options usually expire on an hourly or  a daily bases and even a half an hours time.  For each of the Binary Options types, there are different Binary Options Strategies that should be implemented.


When trading in Short Terms; one well known Binary options Strategy, is to place both a “Put” and “Call” positions on the same trade, in other words one position opposing the other. In this manner, a trader secures his investment by covering both ways. This Binary Options Strategy is used when it is not clear on what direction the trade is going, whether an asset will go up or down. For Instance; a trader places a “Call” position on the AUD/Eur , he believes that the AUD will increase it’s value, but along the way he discovers that this is not the case. On such an event, it will be wise to also place a “Put” position, this is a  speculation that the asset will decrease its value, and by doing that the Binary Options Broker secures the money he invested on the “Call” position he placed earlier.Further more; If it becomes  clear on  where the trade is going let say for this example, that the AUD is dropping, it will be recommended to place another “Put” position, with this advanced Binary Options Strategy, a trader ends the binary options trading with  a profit ! The trader placed three positions all together and lost only one out of the three.

Another Options Strategies that demand some skills and understanding are called, Risk reversal  –  It will be much easier to explain the strategy with a good example.The idea here is to place a “call”position on an asset for the next 24 hours and watch closely if there is an un normal behavior regarding that asset. Let say a trader receives very reliable signals that an asset will sharply increase its value , over the next 24 hours. Suddenly for some reason, in a matter of a minute or seconds, the asset sharply declines for a couple of seconds, it will be very recommended to exploit this sudden situation an place a “Put” position on the short term (next 30 mins) on that asset, by doing that the trader increases his profits both on the very short term and also on the  daily option.It is important to understand how to trade binary options when an  asset sharply declines at some points along the daily trade. Within that gap a good Binary Options Strategy is to take advantage of that sudden unexpected sharp decline.


When trading on a long term, There are different Binary Options Strategies for different assets. A strategy implemented on Stocks would be different from one one taken on currencies. When trading currencies A Binary Trader must understand the relations and interaction between the currencies. However when trading on stocks, A trader must follow the increase and decrease of the stock’s value, which is influenced by some market elements like the price of commodities.


One well known long term strategy is called index asset divergence. The main principle here is to place two opposing positions on two related assets. An example will explain things much better. For instance; A trader receives good Binary Options signals about Apple’s Stock, he conducts a research, consults with Binary Options Guides, and reaches a conclusion that placing a “Call” position on that Stock could be very promising. After placing the “Call” position on Apple, he also places a “Put” position on the Index in which Apple’s stock is a part of. By doing that he secures his investment, and also has a very good chance of making a big profit.lets observe two possible scenarios; Apple’s stock falls for some reason, and The Binary Options broker’s prediction turn out  incorrect. Remember that the trader  also placed a “Put” position on the Index, which makes it very  likely that if Apple falls the index will also fall, by  doing that he almost eliminates his risk, because he placed a “Put” position on the Index which proved to be right.

Another scenario; The prediction on Apples stock is proves to be true, and stock is going up, and on the other hand, the Index is going down because other stocks are pulling the Index down, so both predictions may be true and the trader wins on both ends. Now this is a strategy that is done by experienced Traders who are familiar with the stock market, it is advised to take a Binary Options guide approval before doing such a complicated Binary Options Trading, and it is definitely not for rookies who do not have in depth understanding o Forex stock markets.I would say that  advanced Binary Options Trading is much more complex, and placing a “call” or a “put” position on an asset, demands a lot of consideration.


Another long Term strategy is; Commodity stock influence Strategy – The main idea here is to locate a change in a Commodity ‘s value, and see how it influences a stock or a bunch of stocks, and to what extend. For instance, If the price of Copper suddenly raises, it should definitely effect the company’s that relay on copper, like hardware or industries that deal with electronics. As a result of the raise of Copper price for instance, it is very likely that it will  influence the coast of manufacturing hardware that is now becoming  more expensive  and as a result, the market is less willing to buy the more expensive hardware that also results in a profit and stock decline. This could mean that companies like Intel and Cisco could sell less products, because their manufactured products coast is influenced strongly  on the price of Copper.

another scenario ;  this could also mean that those companies wont increase the price of their products and  they  suffer higher expenses and as a result the profit deceases. If a Commodity like oil for instance is going up and becomes more expensive, it could mean that companies that deeply relay on oil could be sharply effected, like Airlines and transportation companies. A Forex Trader should locate the increase or decrease in  the value of commodities, and successfully predict which stocks would be most effected by it.Usually  such affect is on a weekly bases or even longer, a Binary Options Trader must also locate previous patterns between a commodity and a stock in order to  fully understand the extend of  the influence of that Commodity on the stock.

I tried to cover most of the popular Binary Options Trading Strategies that are used by traders. I think that these considerations concludes  the question of what are binary options, it is clear that it is  much more then a placing of a “call and “put” position on an asset. A person who want to implement those strategies must also make sure that the Binary Options Trading System enables the buying assets that are needed to implement these binary options strategies.

If you are mentally  ready to get started, and devote yourself to change your economic reality, stop doubting yourself and use 6option easy to use tools that will aid you in being a successful trader. Don’t give up your dreams do something to change your reality, just like me and many other.





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