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Binary Options Trading Gold Guide

June 19th, 2015 3 comments

Binary Options Trading Gold

In general, binary options trading gold is considered one of the safest investments . In times of global and local economics unrest, the demand for gold sky rockets and as a result its value also increases. These day’s people can buy physical gold through the internet without having to take the gold back home for safe keeping. This metal is also known by the name hard currency, which means that it is widely accepted around the world and is also relatively stable.

binary options trading gold

Investment in gold is considered a secure form of investment on the long run and the purpose of this kind of  investment is the preserve the value of money without taking any financial risks or minimal risk to be precise. However when trading gold on the Binary Options trading system, things are a little different.

The most important thing to remember is that a Trader isn’t buying any Gold he actually buys an option a trend (Up or Down trend), of weather the Gold will increase or decrease it’s value, in order to win a trade with the Binary Options trading, the  investor must forecast the future trend of gold in a given time(the time that the options expires).

Further more when trading  Gold, Silver and some other goods there is no other asset involved, in other words this is a single asset trade and it should only be determined if the asset will go Up or Down with regard to the strike rate. It also differs from binary options that that trade currencies. The difference is that there are two assets involved, a trader must determine if one of the currencies is going to increase or decrease its value compared to the other currency involved in that trade.

If you are interested in trading gold,currencies and other metals with binary options, try the  OptionBit  platform,  its a reliable well established trading system that you just might want to try. Click her to sign in, and best of luck with your trade.

Binary Options Trading

June 7th, 2015 1 comment

Binary Options Trading

Range Options High and Low


Most beginner traders usually skip this trading instrument which is considered a complicated trading tool, however that is not the the case.When using the Range options there are two elements that need to be considered, both the Upper and a lower Target Price/range, many define it as the boundary range, because in order to stay in the money when the option expires; the Binary Option shouldn’t be bellow the striking price and higher then a predefined upper line. It means that a The Binary Trader should not only predict whether an asset will go up for instance, trader  should also predict the assets max value. in other words the prediction that the Asset will go up is no t enough in order to stay in the money, binary options trading requires more understanding


In this example a trader predicts that the Asset is on a Up trend  (the bottom line represents his strike point) the upper red line represents the max value (a predefined Max value limit )  of the asset. If the Asset goes above the upper red line,the trader will not be within the money.In other words he should be between the strike point and predefined upper red line.

binary options trading

Learn more about binary options on this binary options guide.

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