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Binary Options guide – Choosing the right Platform

September 25th, 2014 15 comments

Usually when a person realizes he wants to trade with binary options, he stumbles upon an

advertisement or a video on you tube which encourages  the future investor to start using

some sort of a Robot, which makes the trades for the unprofessional rookie. Those robots

are affiliated with a trading platform, and receive commission for any new investor who

deposits money on their trading platform.


I must say laud and clear that there is nothing wrong about that, as long as the Robot

delivers 70% success rate. A successful Binary Robot is one that delivers this success rate

or even  a little less, otherwise the trader starts to lose money. A robot should be tested

for a full month, and only then the new user should reach a conclusion

about the Binary Robot


Most robots unfortunately are not reliable and do not deliver the expected results.

They all make promises and offer the world. I would be very careful with a

Binary Robots that offer 90% ~ 100% success rate.


Those who invest on binary options should also be prepared to lose trades once in a while.

As I said before on previous articles, Binary Options are good, and they do offer a second

income or even more, if done in a reliable manner.

You may want to press here to learn a little more about a reliable robot.

Binary Options Guide – How To Get Startred

September 1st, 2014 280 comments

If you want to start trading with Binary Options, first you need to open a Binary Options Account with one of many Binary Options Platforms.

The most important thing is to check weather citizens from your nationality are permitted  to trade with that Binary Options Trading Platform you have chosen.


Unfortunately the lack of regulations and legal obstacles, not all trading platforms can open a Binary Options Trading Account to all nationalities. In many cases, the Binary Options Platforms are permitted for citizens of the EU for instance.


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It might be a great disappointment to finally make the move and transfer funds, usually via credit card, only to find out that you are not allowed to trade Binary options with your chosen Binary Options Platform. Further more; even when your nationality is permitted to trade with binary options,there are some Binary Options Trades that are prohibited to some nationalities.

The best thing to do once, you have decided on you Binary Options strategies, is to contact support and clarify these issues with the binary platform support, before transferring any funds to a Binary Options Trading account.

6options platform is a good and reliable platform that works with most nationalities, you might want to click the banner bellow and register with 6options, as far as I know there is a bonus for newly registered users, so you don’t have to trade with your money in the beginning.
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