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Binary Options Guide-Understanding Automated Systems

August 11th, 2014 57 comments

Binary Options Trading Opportunities Offered By Robots

Unlike other trading environment, Binary Options offer the opportunity for individuals with little or no trading experience, to trade in the Global financial markets.

Binary Options are made easy  mainly due to the fact that many Binary Trades are done automatically with Binary Trading software’s. Those software’s have the ability to analyse markets , tendencies and other financial variables, and eventually deliver very good results to the Binary Trader. Unfortunately very few software’s deliver good results.

Today it is possible to find a large range of Binary Trading software’s, that offer more or less the same thing. Each of the software vendors claim that their software is more accurate then any other software on the market, and basically that the underlined competition between them. A couple of years a go, Binary Trading software’s were very few and available only to banks and professional traders and brokers. Those Binary Options software’s were usually regraded as Binary Options guide’s, those Binary guides enabled brokers and bankers to maximize their profits on Binary Trading.

During the last few years, the Binary Market became accessible for private individuals. The Binary Trading Software’s or the Binary Options Guide became accessible to the general public as well. These software’s were modified in away that enables people with no financial background to easily use the software’s and become professional traders themselves.

Further more, to fully maximize the potential of  Binary Options Trading, it is very popular to register with more then one Binary Trading company/trading platform.  Traders commit themselves to more then one platform , based on the fact that most Trading Platforms do not offer the full Binary Options Trading possibilities, and in order to maximize the trading potential a trader must register with more then one trading company, and open more then one Trading Account. Binary Guides are usually associated with selected Binary Trading platforms, so in order to use the Binary Options guide, a trader must work along with those specific Trading Platforms in order to be able to use the Binary Guide.




Binary Options Trading – Some Basic Understanding

August 2nd, 2014 16 comments

Binary Trading Basic Definitions

Binary Options is also known as an “all or nothing” trading system, essentially you are meant to predict if a certain Asset will increase or Decrease It’s value;  in other words there are just two options to choose from, just like in Binary Mathematics. That is were the word “Binary” is derived from.In the Binary Options Inner language a “Call”  options is when a Trader predicts that an Asset will increase It’s value, or a “Put” options is when a Trader predicts that an asset will decrease it’s value.

Binary Trading – The Outcome Of A Trade

Another term used for this kind of trading system as I mentioned before,  is the “all or nothing”  in other words , if a  Binary Trader is right on his predictions; which means he bought the right options and was successful. Then The Binary Trader wins all the money he invested on the options and  covered his initial investment plus another 70% profit.

On the Other hand, if a Trader is wrong with his predictions, he usually loses all the money he invested on the Binary Options and is left with nothing. Some Trading platforms return 15% of the initial investment back to the Trader. That means the Binary Trader lost just 85% of his investment and not all the 100% he invested on that Binary Option he bought, in other word it’s all or almost nothing.

You may also find this interest in this  article, a binary options guide for strategies and how to implement them. this article is meant for beginners and advanced binary traders alike.

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