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About Me & Why I Opened This Web Site

July 27th, 2014 5 comments

Hey There,

My name is Roy Shemer an I am an  IT and DB professional,  I managed large Computer Networks during previous years. Part of my job was to find a  suitablebinary options trading guide  solution for  technical issues facing companies I used to work for. I developed a unique approach of defining a problem and dissecting the problem into a smaller elements. This approach of main made it easier for me to find a solution to the invisible parts of the greater problem. I was able to screen out products which I realized that they are not good enough, and  I was able choose the one single products that offered the best solution for my clients problem, I can honestly say I was very successful in my doing, and it lead my way to become a professional reviewer of products offered on the internet later on. I believe that a great deal of  life is making decisions; choosing a wife, choosing a carer,place of  living, and  smaller things in life,  like choosing to drive from point A to point B in a specific route out from a selection from different options.


I also believe that if a person does not make a decision when reaching a decision making point, it’s also a sort of decision making, and unfortunately most of the time, when a person doe’s not make a decision, unwillingly he already made a choice, unfortunately in most cases this decision is not the  optimal decision in   nature. leaving things as they are, usually  immortalizes a problem that a person refuses to deal with, and he continues his life with compromise.


Making the right choices in life could make the whole difference between a life that is a compromise to the life we really want. I made it my goal in life to do my best to make the right choice about anything, I honestly do not always succeed in that, but I am quite sure that the majority of my decision making is “ok” 🙂

I decided to share my findings on things I have been researching with any one who is willing to listen or want to take action and make a change. As a part of my latest research I can upon a Binary options guide that offers good results for those who wish to get them self’s involved in binary options market. Click here to visit the ABS web site.












Binary Trading – It’s History And How It Started

July 26th, 2014 137 comments

Binary Options were introduced to the general public during Mid 2008.During that year the US economy had suffered one of  its greatest collapses, that lead to the downfall of the American banking system and the  Stock Markets.US treasury had to support leading banks and financial organisation in order to prevent a complete economical bankruptcy of the US market and the American banking system.


The Sub-prime mortgages disaster had been one  of that well known incentives that driven the american economic system into a that die hard situation that year.Later on,  the European markets had clashed in that great snow ball, and soon enough the rest of the world entered an economic recession.


Binary options where introduced to the general public that year, timing could not be any worse. Back then the first Binary Trading platforms were established and only skilled brokers were able to trade with Binary options, and it took some time until Binary Trading was truly accessible to the general public.


Binary Trading System was well known to Bankers and other financial organisations,who used The Binary Trading System  to increase their revenue. Most of the time the big players had prior knowledge on future financial events, so making money with that prior information  made some people and organisations, very rich also due to their in depth understanding of Trading Strategies.


The public Has treated the new born financial Mechanism  with suspension. Many thought that this is another financial scam and another legal method to make money over the backs of the general public who had suffered greatly from the wrong doing of bankers and leading figures in the American economy.


On the other hand There were those  who argued that unlocking the Binary Trading to the general public has made it possible for regular individuals to make huge profits like the big Binary Traders, they also argued that The Binary Trading is also a well designed tool that make social and economic justice because now any person can be involved in that Forex Trading System.


Another well appreciated advance in Binary trading is the ability to define the amount of money that could be lost or won when trading with Binary Options. This is a result of further sophistication and advancements made on Binary Trading platforms that are constantly being improved and manipulated to satisfy the traders needs in regard to the  amount of risk a Binary Trader wants to involve himself with. Those constant changes has Made Binary Options, to an ever growing trading platform, more then any other Trading System today.

In general Binary Trading is legal in most  places, yet there are some limitations in some countries. For instance, US citizens are banned from trading with some Assets, and many Binary Trading Platforms are not adapted to that ban on Americans, as a result they can not trade with many Binary Trading Platforms.






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